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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:QingDaoQingLong brand single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter typ
Model Number:DDSY1561 single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
Display Type:Analog and Digital
Phase:Single Phase
Measuring Energy Range:10(40)A
Accuracy Class:1
Output Voltage:220V
Operating Temperature:-20鈩儈+45鈩?/p>
Packaging & Delivery
Single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
Packaging details :CARTON PACKED
Single phase prepaid electricity meter of energy meter type
Each performance index of DDS1561 series single-phase electronic prepaid watt-hour meter conforms to standard GB/18460.3-2001 Prepaid Watt-hour Meters ,and all technical requirements for single phase electronic watt-hour meters stipulated in standard GB/T17215-2002 Alternating Current Static Watt-hour Meters for active Energy (Classes 1 and 2)
Reference voltageBasic current (max current)
Main technical data
1. Reference frequency : 50 HZ
2. Class index :1 and 2
3. Data protection: data stored time after power off :more than 10 years
4. Output contact capacity of relay: AC 220V/10A
5. Conditions of enviroment: Specified working temperature :-20掳C~+45掳C utmost working temperature 25掳C~+60掳C
6. Relative humidity:鈮?5%(at the enviroment temperature 23 掳C
7. There shall be n harmful subatance causing corrosion in the air
Main structure and working principle
The user's small amount of electric energy is sampled through the signals on the voltage divider and shunt, and sent to the amplifier and multiplier circuit. The product signal is integrated and converted into V/F, and output through the logic frequency divider circuit, driving the step meter or driving the LED display to measure the electric energy.
Overload control
The electric energy meter analyzes and measures the current, voltage and other parameters in real time. When it detects that the circuit load exceeds the set value, it will automatically switch off. The power can be transmitted again by removing the high-power load or troubleshooting, and inserting the selling card into the energy meter. So as to reduce the aging degree of the line, reduce the hidden dangers caused by the short circuit of the line, load failure, illegal operation and other reasons, and ensure the safety of the user's electricity. (overload threshold can be set through "IC card power sale management system")
Electric energy pulse output
The electric energy meter provides two electric energy pulse output functions. The electric energy pulse of the optocoupler relay with open collector can realize the remote transmission of active and reactive electric energy. The total number of pulses of the instrument can be collected by the remote computer terminal, PLC and di switch acquisition module to realize the electric energy cumulative measurement. The output mode adopted is the way to check the accuracy of electric energy (National Measurement Regulation: pulse error comparison method of standard meter)
Electric energy pulse output diagram
(1) Electrical characteristics: the circuit schematic diagram is shown in the figure above, and the external power supply shall be within the range of DC + 5V to DC + 48V.
(2) Pulse constant: it means the number of output pulses when the meter has accumulated 1kwh.
(3) Application example: PLC terminal uses pulse counting device, assuming that the number of pulses collected in a period of time with length of T is n, then the electric energy of the instrument in that period is accumulated as N / pulse constant (KWH).
Why should lead seal be used on the ammeter
Electricity, as a commodity, has been playing a very important role in our life.
Since it's a commodity, there must be something priced.
The birth of the electricity meter formally calculated the amount of people's electricity consumption in order to be more accurate, so that the staff of the power grid will calculate the electricity fee.
But there are also many people who pay attention to stealing electricity. They dismantle and change the wires in the electricity meter and steal others' electricity for their own use. So in order to prevent this kind of situation, the lead seal of electricity meter appeared. Lead seal of electricity meter is also called electricity meter lock. The main function is to prevent the occurrence of electricity theft.
With the increase of the usage of the meter, the lead seal of the meter not only has the function of security and anti-theft, but also serves as a kind of qualification certificate.
When the meter is delivered from the factory, it is inspected to be qualified and sealed with lead seal, indicating that it can be installed and used. Each lead seal has a specific code just like the warranty paper.
The lead seal of electricity meter cannot be opened without permission. As long as the lead seal of electricity meter is opened without permission, it will be treated as stealing electricity.
According to the electric power law of the people's Republic of China, those who steal electric energy shall be fined less than 5 times of the electric charge; if the time of stealing electric energy cannot be found out, the residential users will pay the electric charge in six hours a day, six months in total, according to the capacity of the electric energy meter.
Each meter will have a lead seal, which is sealed by the local electric power company and is the assets of the electric power company.
The main function of the lead seal of the meter is to prevent someone from stealing electricity.
According to the regulations on power supply and use, it is an act of stealing electricity to forge or open the seal of the electricity measuring device sealed by the legal or authorized measuring and verification institution, so the lead seal of the meter cannot be opened casually.Single Phase Electric Power Meter

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